Before going through top 10 worst jobs ever, what is your job? mention in the comment section and reply worst part in others comment. If you are lazy to read, well we made easy for you just go and watch this video-> click here

1. Animal Masturbator

There are some poor souls who earn by collecting animal sperm for research purpose that can be obtained by, well, by masturbating the animal using artificial vagina on the animal penis.

2. Sewer Diver

We all hate to being dropped in a sewage drainage, it's disgusting to even touch the sewage water, but not everyone will hate this job there are some people who love to dive in a water containing raw sewage. They can't even see the objects while fixing the issue so everything will be done by feel hmmm interesting!

3. Cattle Inseminator. 

So the artificial baby, ya cattle inseminator injects semen which is collected by animal masturbation is injected into a cow’s vagina to breed them by observing the temperature of the animal to detect estrus. One more thing they will clean cow’s vulva with soap, water, and antiseptic solution to make sure they removed some extra poop.

4: Adult Theater Janitor.

By working in the adult theater you can watch porn every day for free of cost. But you have to face some people who use old fashioned way for doing stuff with their own hands. Even though we have an internet access, adult theaters are the nice places for them to get the job done. So make sure you put some quality gloves while you clean to avoid contact with some fluids.

5: Roadkill Remover

Have you ever wondered who will take care of roadkill well there are few souls deal with them depends upon whether the carcass is in city or state highway or county? And they do it in old fashioned way. Gloves on, deep breath and get it. Thanks to the scientist who invented gator getter, it made things easy.

6: Portable Toilet Cleaner 

If you think it is easy, well, you are wrong. Cleaning portable toilet is one of the world's dirtiest jobs and it requires you to hold your breath for more than ten minutes. If you try to have some breath, you are done you have to enjoy the pleasant smell from the freshly brewed toilet.

7: Deodorant Scent Tester

As a tester, you always keep your nose to the grindstone. Literally, you’re known for your keen ability to precisely identify scents and you may probably walk around your neighbors sniffing stuff. 

8: Vomit Cleaning Crew

Some big amusement parks will have a separate crew whose job is just to clean vomit after a roller coaster ride. There are many incidents occurred entire day. A crew with a bucket and few brooms and shovels goes around the park only to clean vomit!

9: The Embalmer

It is an art of preserving human remains after death to forestall decomposition. The intention is to display it in public places like at the funeral for religious reasons or for scientific and medical purposes. So that they can use the human body as a specimen. Wait, what as a specimen 

10: Pet food tester

Do you have a highly sensitive palette, able to detect any kind of ingredients and flavors? Well, it looks like you can become best pet food tester. Just as every food industry, a taster is necessary to test pet food. Have a happy meal.

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