Goblin Chalets: 

Goblin Chalets spawns 2 Goblins this is like goblin hut in clash royale with new leacked update. accordingto the report it might be a rare card. (Further change will update here) 

Goblin Ninja

Goblin Ninja will Unlock in Jungle Arena. this card has stealth and disappear without any trace like front boosting or you can say teleport right from Executioner's Axe and Bowler's Rock Ball.

Goblin Elder

Goblin Elder is the Goblin Leader, another Legendary card with 810 HP and 110 damage per second Attack Speed, re-target will update soon and it targets both ground and air troops... moment speed and deploy time will update soon here

Forest Berries

Forest Berries will come in Jungle Arena and it is a spell and will update some details soon. It is a spell so you can use anywhere in the arena.

The Big Clash Royale Anniversary Update with tons of new stuffs

Like some balance changes, Arena Adjustment, League Mechanism, League rewards,Legendary Arena Changes, Game Adjustments,New Special Events,Challenge Changes, 1st Anniversary Value Packs will be updated soon here
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