what is a weapon ?

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It's really anything you need to use in order to stop the sealant protect yourself or feed yourself we are tool builders and the very first tools will weapon can be used to develop intelligence on enemy to protect your

own roots to keep the peace weapons anything the concealed weapons are more than just feeling ferocious firepower many of them have changed history we're counting down the list of 101 weapons that changed the world

let's start with number 101 it helped Hollywood shoot up the box office a Smith & Wesson 44 Mac Dirty Harry's got it is perhaps one of the most famous handguns and all of 50 we go anywhere and grass cutting the Kalahari they make

my day they understand what you're talking about as sixties flower power gave way to a grittier crime-ridden seventies moviegoers embraced a rogue cop known for taking matters into his own hands

Smith and Wesson Model 29 44 Magnum represents the concept of increased power and a handgun Americans flock to gun stores sales of the 44 exploded and more than half a million of these guns were produced the 44 caliber than 30

Harry carrying the make my day gun is probably the worst gun for her home defense first of all if you ever shot one kicks like a mule people with a week and this one is going to come back and crack in the head when the recoil

exactly now granted we pull this thing out you're probably going to scare somebody to death and are going to run next door but they don't you probably better beaten to death with it then you're

shooting with it because after the first shot most people aren't going to be able to get the gun back down on target but in the first time you have to worry about it so why you go through the effort and

exercise to figure out a hundred one weapons that changed the world the weapon years to be human and i think that gets lost the mountains for moralizing over the use of the weapons if you look at it objectively the

quality of your weapons is a lot about the advancement of your society so how did we get to our final count we got to talk to the folks who know popular mechanics is about technologies about how things are built how they work and

some of the most important innovations in technology first emerged in the military sphere and military technology and weapons have always been hard that story popular mechanics convened a blue-ribbon panel of professionals

academics and journalists from all corners of the defense world and ask them to rank the list with their votes and now back to the countdown at number 100 it's not legal but this weapon can bring

you to your knees and make sleep like a baby teargas this chemical irritant provides cops are relatively safe way to disperse on rouillé crowds its use is controversial and 65 countries have

signed a treaty on how and when to deploy from the nineteen sixty-eight democratic national convention in Chicago 293 seeds in waco texas and even the 2009 g20 summit in Pittsburgh tear gas

was there in at 99 revolutionaries use this baby to send the Redcoats back to the old country without it Americans might still be singing god save the queen the three-pound gun called a three

pounder because it's cannonball wait exactly that amount these cannons were also known as bryce offered to watch since they jump back in a bit of recoil as they fired up to 400 yards and speeds reaching 590 miles growl at the Battle

of Yorktown General George Washington and several of these babies staring right down the throats of the record it was a decisive victory for the Americans and the last major land battle of the war it is a quintessential symbol

of what our freedom it without the three-pound gun we would have succeeded without the three-pound guns the american revolution would have been a much different war with it we have America shooting into the number 98 slot

a space-age pistol that saves the lives of countless cops this gun finally gave kind of firepower equal to that of it was putting us up on the level with these drug dealers and these crack dealers who had armed themselves heavily

and we're carrying weapons and high-capacity magazine one of the things that the clock really for us that was a revolutionary changes the Glock allowed us for the first time to have a very versatile weapon that was made of not

all metal components that have actually a combination of polymer components which cuts down on the weight of the weapon and still is a very robust firearm hundreds of police departments across America drop their old 38 caliber

revolvers in favor of the 17 right millimeter Glock every cop in Washington DC's police force carries one and each officer reports to the shooting range twice a year to train their block the block is important law enforcement

because it's a very dependable 30 weapon it has a magazine capacity is higher than the revolver we need to be able to continue in a gunfight without having to reload and that helped save cop number 97 the first cannon shells that

good first in midair shrapnel Henry travel change the world in 1784 when he developed an explosive charge that could detonate while the Cannonball was in air packed with bullets it rained a storm of Hell across the

battlefield so it's likely there and actually explode above your target raining down on your image from between 40 and 50 feet off the ground loading in at number 96 a smooth way tomove ammo through a gun pump-action

first invented in 1818 to this innovation help bring victory to the trenches of World War one supporting US soldiers high-capacity firepower for close-range fighter and it makes one of the most distinctive sounds in the

history of weapons and in the age of smartphones there's even an app for that just hearing the noise is enough to send people out a window and down the street to go somewhere else the number 95 positions it's an

anti-tank missile that can lock onto the bad guys the javelin the javelin features a unique two-stage propulsion system step one just gets the missile out of its launcher

and after hovering in the air for a fraction of a second the second stage propels it downrange and right to its target enables soldier on the ground take out a tank enables them to take down a bunker or small building and

engage enemy with a very very powerful weapon the javelin prove its point on battlefields in Iraq allowing war fighters to decimate Saddam Hussein's tance warming into number 94 the first internet with Stuxnet Stuxnet was a

highly targeted piece of computer malware uncovered by internet security experts in 2010 it change the world by attacking machines inside Iran that control the enrichment of uranium machines that could potentially be used

to help build nuclear weapons Stuxnet was the first sophisticated active cyber warfare signaling a new era for it not for Stuxnet cyber weapons wouldn't have even cracked the top 10 one weapon at number 93 it's better jet that takes

off anyway it needs to the Harrier this military magic carpet change the battlefield by letting a fighter jet take off and land in tight spaces how does the Harrier other a process called vectored thrust by which the

plane directs its engine exhaust toward the ground to create lift but the Harriers days are numbered a new jet that can do the same thing is on its way f-35 already has a dubious distinction the costliest weapons project in

American history total spent to date close to 400 billion dollars 15 times more than the cost of landing man on the moon and number 92 in the jungles of Vietnam it's a nasty ambush warfighters never saw coming and a

surprise from our blue ribbon panel the punches stick these booby traps made with sharpened would spice can impale unsuspecting infantry soldiers and they contribute to the US defeat in Vietnam of brutal homemade way to kill that

proved to be a lethal and unnerving weapon at number 91 a versatile and volatile bomb material plastic explosives these bombs are unstable chemicals mixed with a mineral oil based plasticizer that can be shaped for

different uses us warfighters put them to good use in Iraq and Afghanistan but here's some world-changing stuff you may not in World War two there were German Nazis we wanted Hitler debt and they turn to

plastic explosives the bomb exploded but Hitler live the assassins fail that bomb is definitely even though the attempt on Hitler's life found it did change course of the war effectively explosion definitely be

stabilized Hitler even more than previous week an intractable teeth and listen to these generals and that in many regards help hasten the end of the war in at number 90 a simple weapon that harness is one of births basic elements

the flamethrower spraying half a gallon of gas per second these death machines were used to sweep trenches in World War nobody nobody likes to die but knowing to burn to death typically men were simply incinerated

and fight each other in hysteria as they burn to death and of course the individual using flamethrower wasn't happy individual either because of the bullet struck him instantly lasting into our list in position number

89 it's a sidearm virtually every American soldier is fired and it's the official handgun of the US Armed Forces the Beretta m9 for close combat in life and death situations us warfighters needed a reliable sidearm with a high

bullet capacity enter the m9 and it's 15-round magazine when the USA became engaged in gusty and Sandy environments like Afghanistan and Iraq the m9 was outfitted with a magazine specially coated to keep dirt and grit out of the

guns it is also the favored nato round that's used around the world so the US military wanted to adopt a gun that ammunition is available worldwide a couple years backthe US military placed a whopping order

with beretta for 450,000 m9 pistols the largest single handgun contract since world war two is your favorite weapon on this list maybe maybe not I'm sure there are a lot of weapons

buffs will say well where is my favorite side on my favorite rifle but you go through this and you really try to make a case for what constitutes weapon to change the world you find out that hundred one really isn't such a big

number there are literally hundreds maybe thousands of weapons you can break you deserve a place on the splits now back to the countdown at number 88 its nickname was Hitler's saw the Mauser

mg42 reliable easy-to-use and accurate this one problem belong to the back ferocious fully automatic machine gun could throw up to 1,500 rounds a minute down rate and it's known in history as one of the best machine guns of World

War two swinging into number 87 one of the most important swords ever the katana around a thousand years ago an entire warrior class of people existed in Japan the samurai their job was to protect at any cost

the feudal landowner and Lord who was their patron and this is their tool the katana means single-edged sword this curved edge puts more blade on the target sooner and longer so the cuts are quite devastating this was a game

changer on the battlefield this is a high grade Japanese grass to Tommy Matt this will simulate flesh and then we're going to use a bamboo insert to simulate bomb the cut has to be clean it has corrected

has to be fast or it'll bounce off it will scoop and Barry has been the blade and of course you can see how effectively again human opponent at number 86 a gun that use new technology to allow soldiers to

fire more rounds faster m1903 springfield the 03 Springfield was more or less protected bold action design and it was carried by doughboyz in world war one and she is in World War two but just as important now may introduce the 3006

cartridge a bullet that changed the world the famed thirty-aught-six designed in 1906 if the rifle haven't been built we wouldn't have the 30 out six today and that cartridge was a gamechange

in at number 85 known as the Fighting Falcon f-16 Lord skyward in 1976 and more than 4,000 of these mighty military machines have gone airport it's a really versatile because we also

have ground strike capabilities and that's key because this modernity evidence does one thing pounding into number 84 what ancient weapon is still busting up things today the battering ram procedures from the

sacking of Jerusalem in the year 70 all the way through the Crusades some sort of battering ram was breaking its way into history nobody swashbuckling swords but badly are still around used by cops across the

world it's in the bad guys best interest to delay your entry they want to dispose of evidence they want to try and get out the back so fortified they make their place then we have to respond and up the

ante on how we're gonna get in swooping in for the kill and number 83 it's got a light filled with venom the world's first attack helicopter the Cobra h1 during Vietnam it became clear US Marines needed guns on huey

helicopters to give ground troops cover at first a jerry-rigged machine guns on to transport humans it's but eventually a chopper was designed from the ground up built to attack say hello to the Cobra sometimes called

the sake it featured a smaller sleeker profile to be less of a target it came with a formidable Arsenal from machine guns two missiles even feature double our shell to protect troops for many five attack

helicopters have come a long way but the Cobra continues to help fight battles and support troops on the cover I've never been in a position where I felt like I wasn't going to make it home safely aircraft have done so great in

sandy hot environments and it brings home safe all the time in the number 82 position this one gives today's warfighters serious buzz m249 song saw stands for squad automatic weapon and it changed the world in Iraq and

Afghanistan with its devastating punch it's a belt-fed machine gun thank you with thousand rounds per minute US Marines and army rangers and every us conflict since 1989 at number 81 they've been on

battlefields for more than 500 years borders think of it as a kind of bomb want that lobs exam oh I inline war after war the perfect siege weapons to rattle your enemy in at number eight its range was only about 25 yards and it was

highly inaccurate fire too despite its flaws it's made our list as the great great granddaddy of all rifles still become this Chinese weapon contains the three main components still used in modern rifles a bullet inside a

barrel fired by a propellant how much to look at today but a thousand years ago if you want to turn your enemies fighting to flight it was the only way to go sneaking into the member 79 spot a small handgun that can do big damage 38

this gun is so easily concealable for bad guys it's sometimes called a saturday-night special for its connection to crime and a 38 change theworld on the night of december eight nineteen eighty Mark David Chapman used

one to murder a beetle I get out of the car so the man's here doing the shooting I put them against the wall and the doorman said to me he shot John Lennon I wasn't shocked when I heard was a 38 is made a little the

sense in the world that he got off that many shots and they very rugged very reliable very accurate at very short range that kind of a brutal weapon in that sense of course it changed the world that eat john lennon and his life

yoko ono were returning home to their apartment when it arranged man gunned him down and then I got a call it's John Lennon has just been shot and I remember I almost collapsed because i had just seen John and Yoko not that

long before it was devastating to me devastating this happened to this man and killed by a by a silly sophomoric kid who got his hands on a brutally effective weapon those gunshots changed everything

the world was absolutely stunned was a tsunami of compassion and grief hundreds and hundreds of people at the intersection of seventy-second Street and central park west pilgrimages from all over the world to that spot that's

the thing about assassination devilish monkey little people and they don't worry kavik on history you know the weapons they wield affect everyone of us and and future generations flying into the

number 78 spot it gave the Germans air superiority during the first part of World War one the locker I injector this weapon change the world with the year that synchronize the planes propeller with the pilots

machine allowing him to fire his weapon between the blades of the propelling the ability to charge it on something and you revolutionized air support on the ground that's a complete game changerreally started

[Music] at number 77 afford led so hot the enemy lost its cool the Browning m1917 machine gun it is one of the first practical belt-fed machine guns in the American

military employ the prototype fire 20,000 test rounds in a row without a single jam amazing i even today's standards if not for this plane the Germans might have won the battle of britain and marched into London

supermarine spitfire armed with machine guns it helped propel luftwaffe and marketer point in world war two speed meant for short range attack it held off the Nazis through a combination of

superior piloting that attacked it sheer numbers results wednesday they still speak English on target number 75 a weapon the kids new meaning to the old cliché reach out and touch someone the barrett

m107 it's a long-range sniper rifle that shoots the whopping 50 caliber bullet meet Army sniper Nicholas randstad when I'm being one of seven and apartment i can i can hit anything with it and I'll and I love taking any kind of

weapon system and just push the limits that with whatever they say it'll shoot street apartment he said an army recordby using an m107 to take out a Taliban soldier in afghanistan from 1.3 miles away

that's twenty two football fields today every branch of the u.s. military in 75 of the us's allied countries the barracks in their armor the idea of shooting a large-caliber high-powered projectile a great

distances is always been around american civil war president but the Barrett really makes it effective is very easy to reach out and hit your target greater distances and ever before it's probably one of the deadliest

things on the battlefield today number 74 and early siege weapon that dates back more than 2,000 years the Roman ballista it could very accurately send metal tipped arrows and rocks hundreds of yards down range accuracy

was one of the hallmark of the balloon and it was and more thinking rather than castle it when you look at Matt regard it producing a precursor to machine gunsand other rapid-fire anti-infantry weapons into the action number 73

another weapon that helped Rome to build his empire the pilot this spear-like weapon could easily become launched in a shield way down its victim and making them vulnerable to further attack and death sometimes simple concepts like

a whole sphere are deceptively complex and the pilum is a good example that they were made to bend when they would strike so that can be reused back and this was a very advanced for being a very simple throwing spear

at number 72 what's great for destroying targets like runways or power plants try the cluster ball these nasty weapons contains several smaller bomblets inside but their use comes at a big price cluster bombs are

indiscriminate and completely injure or kill nearby civilians lots of countries have banded together to outlaw their use and number 71 these rolled across Europe during the time of the Crusades the trebuchet they were nicknamed God stones

throw the reason why it's such an important piece of machinery from a historical perspective is that extended the range by which could receive castle and not definitely change all of human history because they really made people

insecure even within the football and number 70 are blue ribbon panel thought long and hard about this one put on a clear September day it changed the world the box cutter 911 all started with

razor blades in case and handles that may be picked up in any hardware store this simple tool allowed hijackers to disable the cabin and cockpit crews andturn the planes into missiles in a lot of ways any device that you know cost a

dollar ninety-nine that can convert an airplane into the cruise missile can probably earn it spot on the list the key to any kind of military action is surprised and the terrorists achieve total surprise and the initial phases

that attack but it didn't last very long very soon the passengers on flight 93 because that's what was a little delayed they began to get worried over their faults what was really going on about these other planes and they took action

they got ahead of the terrorists and so the advantage of surprise that the terrorists had had collapsed at this point that the passengers took over flight 93 the result a plane filled with heroes stopped at third tragedy that

morning the bad guys got the Pentagon but flight 93 never reached the nation's capital in its 69 a world war two gun that gave us the term assault like the sturmgewehr 44 every stormtrooper in Germany use one

shot 600 rounds per minute the storm over 44 is the world's first true assault perfect that's its name starting to they're literally meaning storm line can be fired a single shot semi-automatic or it can be fired as a

phone automatic machine this is a world-changing weapon it will give rise to all of the assault rifles that have come after it at number 68 one of the most simple weapons ever

and perhaps one of the oldest the axe here's our familiar friend the Act the two-headed a very very useful tool the bearded axe because of the shape is great for cooking this is relax and have a longer handle very effective this will

penetrate armor world changing anything so its images even appear on the rocks of stone at number 67 a modern machine gun embraced by the elite Navy SEALs H&K mp5 it's 9-millimeter rounds can fly from

the barrel at an amazing 900 shots per minute we can efficiently get a bad guy by using shooting technique called double tap very little recoil you put on your shoulder fire stay on target that's how effective the

double taps are to the body on the head and just very little movement they won't confirm it for sure but some speculate they would have been on hand the night at SEAL Team six took out Osama bin Laden and number 66 a handgun

responsible for taking the lives of tens of millions of souls the FN 1910 it was the gun and assassin used in june nineteen fourteen to kill Archduke Ferdinand and ushered in the start of world war one which are really seeing is

not gone to kill domain it's representative of every gun fire during war at number 65 the world's first anti-submarine bomb the depth charge first used as World War

approaching these bombs are hurled overboard set to explode at a predetermined death but how do you know where that sub really is you don't so similars would set an array of charges to go off at

different depths hopefully ensuring a successful in against their from jabbing into member 64 a spear-like weapon that was used by soldiers for around four hundred years the pipe in the early Middle Ages this weapon ushered in the

rise of the modern infantry the pike is another one of his perceptively simple weapons and will change the world with that the Swiss and Norman's learned how to use it defensively and it did been gone cavalry

charges and then move forward from that moment on infantry listing as the backbone in warfare and that really persistent day 63 a supersonic aircraft that ruled the Cold War skies the me close to 12,000 of these Russian

fighters were flown by more than 50 countries Vietnam the USA lost 128 aircraft to make attacks that defeat led to the development of the top gun like program getting better trained pilots into the cockpits of us fighter jets and

number 62 in the Civil War Union soldiers spent their own money just to have one the Spencer repeating rifle cocks the hammer back to work the action the left fired round comes out load another cartridge in this could get off

the seventh round two seconds Spencer rifle belongs on thelist because it was the proof positive of the theory and the theory was if you give a man that will fire more shots he will be able to lay down enough

firepower to have a greater impact on the battlefield at a time when the average infantryman had three shots a minute Spencer was up around 20 shots a minute so a smaller number of men could hold a

larger piece of ground with a single weapon in at number 61 a little shot heard round the world the musket ball it's the mother of all boats by the 18th century musket balls were state-of-the-art and same sell for

hundreds of years it is the first projected on the battlefield they can truly be made in mass production at number 60 the first missile from our blue ribbon panel it's the sting surface-to-air missiles

perhaps reach their full potential when portable shoulder mounted weapons first arrived in the late nineteen fifties there's on the list because they essentially grow the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan

most mighty army on the earth was winning in afghanistan until the CIA began supplying Skinner missiles to themovie i dream stairs was so useful in bringing down Soviet helicopters and planes that they eventually pulled out

in 1989 in the USSR crumbled into pieces all the sudden the most imposing weapon of the soviet union with brought low five bunch of guys holding a shoulder-fired missile that aim and took out his help

at number 59 it allowed guns to fire in any weather conditions a percussion cap our blue ribbon panel found this leaping innovation from 1839 essential to include we wrestled with these questions throughout the list because they're not

single inventions their their progressive evolution of a particular idea progression kept going on with a hammer hitting it gives us a very reliable all-weather ignition system didn't matter what it was left remember

what it was dry striking a list at 58 no self-respecting Roman soldier could conjure without the Gladius as romans and over the world sword Smith's were learning to add more carbon to create strong steel blades

perfect stabbing tool for close combat stabbing room was a lot more lethal in antiquities than a hacking [Music] in at number 57 what's the fastest way to take out a tank it's a

rocket-propelled grenade launcher the rocket propelled grenade completely changes the dynamic of mobile warfare the Russians protected this weapon and there are keys are the most widely used on earth

in to number 56 a flying machine still beloved 60 years after its heyday the p51 Mustang in world war two these versatile long-range fighter planes and bombers change the world by down in close to 5,000 enemy aircraft these

babies were often equipment rolls-royce engines hurtling at nearly 450 miles per hour and each plane was loaded with 6 50 Cal machine guns people still love the most people loved to watch people like to walk in there showed you can go very

fast it was a ferocious fighter and it just looks amazing today Mustangs are high price toys for well-heeled violence while others still use them as racing planes once you get airborne it's a dream to

fly kind of a cross between a Corvette and a Porsche it handles like a portion with the power it's kinda like a Corvette it's got a lot of power it handles very very good the 101 weapons that changed the world

as selected by popular mechanics magazine blue-ribbon panel what's it take from our experts to put together a list like this one intense discussion anytime you put together a list like

this course they're going to be disagreements as part of the fun and I think everybody going into it knows that ultimately it's subjective but in the end you coming for listening everybody feels pretty happy way at 55 a knight in

shining armor could finish off an enemy with about four blows along the long story was the sort of choice for army combat during the Renaissance from the late 1400 all the way to the early 1600 the most famous longsword King Arthur's

Excalibur that sword alone has appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows the weapon at number 54 takes us back to the days of genghis khan and the biggest empire the world has ever known the Mongolian bow beginning around 1,200

genghis khan and the con Empire stretched from China all the way to Eastern Europe he commanded the biggest Empire human history all with the help of a bow and arrow weapon system so fierce and effective that it was

state-of-the-art for about 500 years the curve of the recurve of the Mongol bow is one of the things that gives it such power in such a small package what makes it look very different than a western buh are these ears and that it

has arrest that hold the string away from here so when released that spring snaps right there creating additional force on that strength at number 53 not quite a musket but not yet a modern rifle the pattern

1853 and field it's a British gun straight from Her Majesty's army that was the bridge between old and new the English sold these guns to both sides inthe American Civil War and they change the world by holding the balance of

power between the North and the South when it became clear the South's rebellion was heading for defeat the English stopped providing them to the Confederates in an effort to remain officially neutral sneaking in at number

52 an enemy plane that changed the world on infamous day in 1941 Japanese zero about 40 50 armed with cannons machine guns and torpedoes structural harbor in the first wave of the time

20 symbolized the rising sons desire to dominate the Pacific but only six months later the u.s. Navy destroyed all four of the aircraft carriers and Howard 20 feet shutting down japan air war in the Pacific forever at number 51 another

German weapon that saw action in World War two the panzer tank Hitler used vast numbers of Panzers to roll across Europe in his bid for world domination when the USA arrived Panzers outgun outmaneuver the u.s. takes in a big way

how did the US win by producing so many Sherman and patent tanks and Detroit during World War Two that the shear know vers eventually overwhelm the passes we're halfway through our countdown of the 101 weapons that changed the world

we've seen how a space-age gun sales cops how 50 caliber sniper rifle rips the enemy and why the p51 you into world war two is but that's nothing compared to the way these next 50 weapons have changed the

world let's kick things up a notch as we unveil number 50 it wasn't meant to be a weapon but it grew into one and are blue ribbon panel voted for the uh-1 see gunship better

known as bqe the ue was intended only as a medevac and transport helicopter what is the Vietnam War heated up in the early 1960s Huey's change the world by becoming history's first helicopter I like this story of the Kiwi a lot

because it demonstrates that those weapons in the hands of soldiers they're going to figure out ways to use it better than the people who benefit they realized they needed more father and a helicopter to make a great platform and

offensive weapon they started jury-rigging 50 calibers and that was a good start soon after series came fully equipped with a weapons package that included rocket and grenade launchers without even trying the curie became the

granddaddy of attack helicopters leading directly to the development of the bell Cobra firing into number 49 a gun that showed up just in time for the civil war and we repeating rifle

this was the first only reliable lever-action firearm giving Union Army soldiers on the big end over the Confederate at a rapid 28 rounds a minute the rebels and their muskets just

couldn't keep up the henry rifle is certainly an innovation in firearms technology combines a number of things at the same time for the first time the use of the self-contained metallic cartridge a magazine it can hold 16 of

them a lever-action gun that can fire them rapidly number 48 a world war two workhorse battle tank m4a1 Sherman this baby was named for the famous general form across the South during the Civil War from here on the u.s. named every

other tank after a general tips they were there in 1944 when the Allies descended on France and Sherman tanks storm the frontlines driving into the Nazis despite their firepower they were far from convinced

normandy alone the Germans blew up close to 200 Sherman's but the Allies had forty-eight thousand of them into number 47 as precise as a Swiss watch but this bomb doesn't tick laser-guided bombs in 2007 george w bush

use these while driving deeper into the iraq war by ordering the search going hard after al-qaida these bombs are guided by laser beams that an aircraft or foot soldier trains onto the target until the bomb reaches its mark the

laser-guided bomb began a revolution and help the sights the US military could be in targeting manager at number 46 our blue ribbon panel wanted this innovation that transforms any size gravity bomb into a precision guided weapon

it's the joint direct attack munition but everybody calls it JDAM a jade am is like an aftermarket kit added on later to make a dumb bombs smart that helped warfighters if their target and home

a number 45 this is no desert Mirage storming for you it's a virtually indestructible battlements fearsome m1 Abrams tank the Abrams is one tough monster that first proved itself as a formidable weapon on

the desert sands of kuwait during the first Gulf War am stand is definitely a top-of-the-line predator shooting from farther differences than the succinate Iraqi tank shoot they were built to roll across the plains and yet here they are

patrolling back alleys of Volusia and doing so very effectively with a hundred and five millimeter cannon that can hurl shells up to two miles downrange and a browning 50 Cal machine gun on board you have to get out of the way and pray when

you're staring down the business end of this machine I think there's a lot of respect for a tank because of this decisive nature in the reign of the average speed of the able led to this rabbit attack they could

move and the Iraqi army had no idea where they want it can come at you at a lightning like 35 miles an hour all guns blazing no Abrams tank has ever been destroyed in battle at number 44 a gun design from

weapons genius john browning it's called the par-4 short the Browning automatic rifle this world changer gave us soldiers their first light machine gun just as world war one ended its big impact was during World War Two a

20-round magazine that could hurl 30-odd 6am Oh downrange an amazing 3,000 feet per second that puts a light machine gun in the hands of the American GIs significant caliber that doesn't mediate devastating effect

everyone weapons that changed the world as selected by a blue-ribbon panel of experts assembled by popular mechanics magazine like Julian Barnes of the wall street journal Jim sooo pika head of the National Firearms Museum best-selling

author way Davis and Howard Laughton a Navy SEAL from the legendary team 6 we wanted to get perspective from a variety of different angles in order to really come up with a comprehensive look at the weapons to change the world

what do you think cases for that being said there's a lot of back and forth a lot of great discussion but also in the end we really left the project in the hands of our experts who ultimately came up with the final rankings now back to

the countdown at number 43 it's possibly the most recognized gun in the world 8 million been produced m16 from Vietnam forward the m16 became the longest-serving rifle in the history of the US Army giving the

warfighter a lighter easy-to-clean firearm this fire stick in early its rounds downrange hellacious r800 bullets permit number 42 it's hard to see it coming but if it hits you you'll know the torpedo these

missiles added scalp to ocean battle for the first time warriors being able to hit your enemy without your enemy man see you are giving back the torpedo is the essence of that

stealth weapon these maritime monstershoot from submarine balance but they dropped from planes to during the world-changing attack on Pearl Harbor December 1941 the Japanese drop torpedoes from airplanes to us by

surprise for the agent of potato everything depended on guns and if you have bigger guns you can find a ship with smaller guns but the torpedo has done is it allowed a small ship to attack the larger one number 41 perhaps

the most basic weapon known to humankind cool very simple really you want force trauma defeat your opponent it's pretty hard to build a better mousetrap when it comes to the club but across the eons people

have tried in the Middle Ages soldiers put spikes under the business end of the club to deliver deadlier blows way you swing it the club is perhaps the oldest weapon honor

at number 40 a weapon that foot armies on the move the chariots chariots were so important some scholars the King Tut himself may have been injured or even died training online when you look at the evolution of

warfare you really start to realize that firing from these mobile platform was absolutely revolutionary a good circle around their enemies shooting arrows they could start in attack and then leave the spokes on the wheels may be

very tight enough and fast enough to enable these tactics and that definitely changes world history at number 39 which German plane reach havoc over the European skies of World War two the Messerschmitt 109 it was first to add

innovative items that fighter pilots today take for granted like closed canopies and retractable landing gear it was also well are carrying up to a thousand rounds of machine gun ammo and making it the workhorse of the Nazi

airport into the number 38 spot for centuries it was the only way to effectively get a shot down rings the musket this muzzle loaded single shotgun dominated the world from the 15th century and silver rifle came along 500

years later the Boston Massacre check the war of 1812 you betcha will run and Gettysburg of course if there was one single weapon ata soldier side during life-changing battles it was often the musket

number 37 a favorite of good guys and bad guys alike this weapon made the Roaring Twenties stream the Tommy gun because of the mob and the movements it may be the most iconic machine gun in American history we could spit

45 caliber bullets from either a stick magazine or its distinctive round match at first military sales were slow but police across America block the tongue it changed the world by becoming a favorite of organized crime right at the

moment that prohibition to through and gangsters needed strong firepower to protect their business interests the gun got it's probably the most notorious press for being present at me at what we now call the st. valentine's

day massacre in Chicago it was a setup by Al Capone's gang against bugs Moran and his henchmen seven mobsters were mowed down by to tommy guns the ambush was so brazen and finally that marked the beginning of the end of Al Capone's

rain in chicago at number 36 a simple blade with the power to do devastating damage the bayonet since the sixteen hundreds from the Revolutionary War from the bloodbath of World War one this blade lived at the end of muskets

and rifles the advent of this weapon end of the age of the pike battle now a musketeer could turn his weapon into a spirit in minutes it was the key weapon of last resort in close-quarters fighting number 35 spark

a charge and send your rounds downrange the clock for more than 200 years this technology change the world by being state-of-the-art for lighting up a projectile in many cases the category of a particular weapon is so broad that we

really had to focus on people point in its evolution and here's a new evolutionary point of Flint falls forward when the trigger is pulled igniting on the way down and lighting a small amount of powder in the guns

sending the projectile downrange remember that famous cliché just a flash in the pan yep it comes from the fast burn of the flintlock into the spot at number 34 a bomber that helped to end world war two

the b-29 Superfortress Enola Gay the b-29 was a perfect storm of long-range ability experienced crews and enough space inside its cargo bay to carry little boy the bomb that would fall on hiroshima in August 1945 so the Enola

Gay at 30,000 feet drop the atomic bomb immediately feels the way to get as far away from the blast as possible and this is gate maneuver gets them about 11 miles away by the time the first shock wave hits them and it was the fast

enough enough enough aircraft that it could escape from the blast itself after the war much of the b-29 technology wasemployed to drill the civilian air industry from the pressurized cabin to the avionics the engine with ability to

fly very high altitudes it was such an incredible people loading at number 33 it soars at nearly 600 miles per hour Tomahawk cruise missile air-launched and surface launch cruise missiles have been

around since the mid seventies has barely changed behavior at the enemy knows that we can reach them we can start again many where the United States demonstrated that during the first Gulf

War against erotic nearly 300 tomahawks quickly and accurately crumbled Saddam's defenses at number 32 a weapon that maybe the longest-serving firearm in American military history the m2 heavy machine

gun better known as the ma doots it's 50 Cal shells comply accurately down range of performing a half miles away top of the hungry in Iraq or whether you put in the wing of the world war two fighter it did its job perfectly and in

such a way that really you can argue it's a weapon to change all on target number 31 during World War one it sent waves of fear through even the most courageous battle hardened soldiers the maxim gun i think the maxim gun

definitely belongs on the list if if only because of its role in world war one and the number of lives said it better stop this belt-fed machine gun could send five hundred bullets a minute downrange its individual bulletin boards

from the barrel 2,500 feet per second no wonder they called it the devil's paintbrush [Music] the rise of the machine-gun truly ended the idea of an effective in the way too

on that first of July 1916 the British Army walk across the Sun and fortified positions defended by maximum they lost 16,000 men before lunch in one day in at number 30 from sniper rifles to submachine guns

you can't shoot without and so are blue ribbon panel voted in the magazine any device on a firearm that contains multiple rounds as a magazine it introduced quick reload ability to just drop the empty magazine insert a new one

and you're good to go think about it this way without a magazine we could have semi-automatic weapons couldn't have machine guns if we couldn't load multiple cartridges and we have to have something that will hold

those cartridges that's a magazine and number 29 a cannon that Americans used against each other to devastating effect 12 pounds and append with a range of up to 16 football community 1,400 feet per second target was

terrifying it helps to make the Civil War the bloody to US history the North had more about and the outgun impacting a list at number 28 a lever-action rifle that many called the gun that won the West the

Winchester 1873 from outlaws to Indians this cowboy rifle change the world by becoming the symbol from the Wild West you really couldn't have the list without a really cool Winchester lever-action on it and this is a good

one to put on it well over half a million of these lever-action 44 40 caliber firearms are used across the USA it took a cartridge that were one that can also be used in colt single-action revolvers to an

individual would only have to take one type of cartridge with them that would feed both their handgun and their rifle could be used by Cowboys ranchers farmers hunters certainly lawmen and outlaws and number 27

it's the weapon used by Robin Hood the English longbow the Middle Ages were tossed but with one of these weapons whizzing down range up to 200 yards youhad a fighting chance with a hundred and twenty pounds of tension and each pole

they took enormous strength to operatethe English longbow definitely a game-changer definitely a world-changing power of that though the accuracy of that bone in distance that those arches could shoot allowed them to decimate an

enemy long before they ever came to the front at number 26 a little package with a big bang the grenade small handheld bonds come in all shapes and sizes they explode in different ways and they're

meant for use against all sorts of targets and it changed the world by putting the power into the hands of a single individual and now the top 25 we're down to some of the most

world-changing weapons ever know list that exist without seeds here's number 25 the first plane employing stealth technology in the air the f-117 Nighthawk the f-117 isn't known as a great airplane but because it

was the first stealth fighter it makes the list by paving the way for aircraft that literally fly under the radar once you have cell technology you don't just have to destroy all the anti-aircraft weaponry you can avoid

some you can speak in undetected hit your target get out and the first strike as possible and it meant it for high-value targets we were able to engage at a very low probability of intercept which meant those aircraft can

survive f-22 hazards 35 hazard and none of these plans would have it weren't for the f12 at 24 possibly the most famous pistol ever the colt 1911 this 45 caliber icon with standard-issue in the US Armed Forces for a whopping 74 years

through 15 major Wars the action got really close this was begun of last resort for millions of American soldiers and it's safe lives during World War one the legendary sergeant York shot 25 Germans dead and captured a hundred and

thirty-two more all with the help of his trusty 19 left it put seven shots of a large cartridge in the hand of the average soldier and he knew that when he pulled the trigger [Music]

at number 23 and early frontier gun that was the last of the great musket shot firearms and Kentucky long it is the first totally American firearm design it was state-of-the-art for more than a hundred years shot by frontiersman from

lewis and clark Daniel Boone but guess what these guns were really from Pennsylvania the Kentucky nickname can years later during the war of 1812 their high with the Kentucky long line for the skin hat on his head out there doing

what Americans get fast women last and this was really the first gun that won the West back when the West wasn't quite so far west number 22 when you absolutely positively have to get through the castle walls the cattle

ancient armies needed seems machines to bust their way into fortified fastest and cities the holy grail of warfare is always able to hit your enemy without your enemy enable if you have a catapult launch my huge rocks into

an enemy forces working at apple out of range of the arrows shot from the artists have been able to deduce that the greeks and romans use them ultimately building their place in history is important early civilizations

[Music] number 21 the granddaddy of all modern rockets the v2 it was the first ballistic missile during world war two the Germans world more than 3,000 of these monsters into London doing 7500

souls others died to Hitler used slave labor to build three tubes and that process killed about 12,000 Morgan we needed to top 20 before you know it will reveal the most world-changing weapon in history

here's number 20 starting in the 1860s it dramatically changed the calculus award the Gatling gun Teddy Roosevelt had Gatling guns with him at San Juan Hill he won General Custer refused to take them to Little

Bighorn he lost the gambling really represents the introduction of the rapid continuous fire from a single piece of armament fire to the gatlings the concept was one soldier firing one firearm one round at a time with the

gattling you acquire this just as fast as you can turn the crank up to 700 rounds a minute [Music] nobody first saw Gatling gun on any battlefield would want to find

themselves down range from our barrels but they're outmoded and old-fashioned now right wrong say hello to today's game John a moderngatlings barrels for let down rain an electrifying 50 bullets per second

this idea of multiple barrels moving around in a circle and picking up the cartridges as they passed is something that's not only stood the test time it's proven to be the greatest technology currently available in the 21st century

even though it was developed a hundred and fifty years ago at number 19 some folks call it the peacemaker others simply call it the gun won the West are blue ribbon panel calls it essential to the list the colt 45 many people talk

about the fact that it's the gun that won the West is because so many of the mermaid why were they made because they were popular why were they popular because they were effective it was probably the first successful

cartridge fire alarm produced by colder by anybody it kind of brought us from the black-powder cap-and-ball era into the modern area parking firearms it was something that you would find from the

palaces of Europe to the White House to the dining room table of a cowboy just out on the ranch trying to make his living this was a working man's gun and yet it was also the gun caves and guess what they're still making them today

virtually the same design for well over 100 years in at number eighteen it quietly work to maintain the balance of power throughout the Cold War the nuclear-powered submarine they continuously stay

underwater and these stealthy which is really the value of the summary is keeping it still keeping in nuclear power allows us to that very long these man-made wails change the world by allowing cold warriors to gather Intel

undetected close to enemy short at number seventeen a ship that foreshadow the modern Navy the ironclad each side of the Civil War had a navy to fight for control of the waterways but the North spoke the monitor was better

and her swirling gun turret change the world by paving the way for all modern battleships and signaling the end of wooden boats multiple layers of thick armor repelled cannonballs with meats and protected up to 20 sailors inside a

cocoon of liar detonating the number 16 spot a terrifying weapon from world warone mustard gas this nasty concoction change the world by becoming the first chemical weapon widely used against troops and believe it or not

mustard gas was created and tested in the heart of Washington DC only five miles from the White House a soldier's death by this stuff with grizzly and slow the chemicals form terrific blisters all over the skin eyes and

nasal passages mustard gas was so badmost countries band although road dictator Saddam Hussein used it against his own people in the nineteen eighties back in Washington DC chemists buried there mustard agent at the end of world

war one but it's still there and it's poison the neighborhood 94 years after the war some houses in the heart of the nation's capital still worried about mustard agent it's leached into the groundwater and it's condemned some

homes 93 years after World War one we still know that there is mustard gas shells buried right behind us we are hitting the heights come in the top 15 weapons that turns the world as we get into our topic it's really exciting as

you can see the entire scope of human history we have weapons to date from the stone age right up to systems that are being used in Afghanistan today and his influence are just now beginning in at number fifteen back into the air for one

of humankind's most humbling bomber planes the b-52 Stratofortress these planes change the world as one of the most tangible symbols of Cold War power nearly 750 b-52 bombers have blown the skies during the last half-century

and here's something you may not know the b-52 was the first plane ever to fly around the world non-stop they refuel inmidair and did the job in 45 hours they were used to great effect from Vietnam to Desert Storm and have the ability to

deliver devastating levels of firepower to their targets in at number 14 you never know when or where it may hit the improvised explosive device or IED ID is any sort of homemade bomb it canbe it can be a old artillery shell there

is sneakers whoever makes them have to set up so that you have to step on it to detonate or is like a don't step on that so you try to lift it and that detonates and there's a lot of people in this world who have nothing but time on their

hands to think about how to make these sneaky IEDs these bombs change the world in Iraq when the USA to completely rethink their tactics all the sudden the American military could no longer interact with the Iraqi people and that

was the key to the war meaning making the Iraqi people feel safe but the ID Force Marines to hide behind protective glasses they had ceramic plates on their sides on the front on their back and as a result they couldn't move found he

couldn't walk along they look like a robot more than a human he broke the connection between the American military and the Iraqi civilians and that cause America's start using you but with the 2007 surgeon us ground

forces triggered by the use of lethal IEDs America we gain the upper hand at number 13 a four hundred thousand year-old weapon that's as simple as it is lethal the spear initially gets the stick and I sharpen the stick and now

the stick is a spear and then I fire-harden the tip and now my spear better and then I work metal and i have six shaped metal head to the shaft and now i have a spear that really is going to do a job at number 12

they fly long-range to deliver nuclear warheads on target intercontinental ballistic missile known as ICBMs the u.s. currently has more than 10,000 of these nukes still around where are they New Mexico holds the most

2500 these weapons start in the Cuban MissileCrisis showdown of 1962 between john f kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev nuclear war began there was really nothing the country whether us the soviet union

could do protect itself because you couldn't shoot down luckily for civilization everybody backed away from the brain onto the list at number 11 a nasty and brutal weapon you don't want to uncover

the landmine heavy landmines prevent invasion to prevent incursions they prevent more up to a point negative diet is that they're indiscriminate killer and that's the reason they've changed the world landmines remain long after

conflicts and and so they're dangerous to civilians a person is blown up by one every 20 minutes meanwhile armies of people are working to d mine old battlefields we hit a milestone it's time for the top

ten weapons that changed the world has voted on by are blooming panel spearheaded by popular mechanics magazine our list has traversed beyond by land sea and air we've seen how the Tommy gun was used to devastating effect

by cops and robbers we've flown inside the world's first attack helicopter and witnessed how the world's first machine gun continues to rain fire now we unveil the top spots on al is packed with power innovation history's

great moments every one of the weapons in our top 10 deserves its own show these are fascinating pivotal important technological advances but also weapons and literally not only change human history and created the world we live in

silently circling onto the list at number 10 a new weapon that's fast made a huge impact on warfare the drone drones have changed the world by allowing air forces worldwide to take the battle to the enemy without risking

pilots the defense industry doesn't like the term drone because it makes these smart plane sound dumb but they don't exactly know what to call them either for many years they were UAVs unmanned aerial vehicles and then they were UAS

Unmanned Aerial systems and now you're remotely piloted aircraft rps is just for the Air Force the Army has its own term one thing everybody agrees on since nine eleven drones like the predator are transforming warfare aircraft flies at

240 knots to an altitude at 50,000 feet with an endurance of 30 hours and a payload capability of 3,000 pounds one world-changing drone event first made headlines in november 2001 when a predator strike took out mohamed atta

and al-qaeda operative who was a son-in-law to Osama bin Laden if you're not sending a pilot who could be shot down it changes who conduct the warfare it changes the fact that we will now allow

the CIA should have its own arm fleet of aircraft something that would never happen i think if it were man every second of every day there are nearly 60 printer series aircraft airborne worldwide and that number is flying

number nine a world-changing weapon whose effects have now been felt for about a hundred and sixty years the cartridge before the sealed cartridge gunpowder was at the mercy of wind andweather then came paper cartridges but

those two were rendered useless when wet eventually we got the modern bullet encasing the powder in an easy-to-use brass shell then finally the famous fullmetal Jack and encased cartridge from head-to-toe offering the shooter

greater accuracy downrange the epitome of fire [Music] at number eight one of the most important firearms in united states history the m1 garand this was the rifle

used by the Allies to stop Hitler and put an end to world war 2i believe this life or change the world because it's the first really successful somatic battle rifle it helped us win world war two if not guarantee the win

well who could have said it better than george s patton the finest battle implement averaging lives with an eight-round clip of ammo it's semi auto action fired the famous thirty-aught-six cartridge at a dizzying

3,000 feet per second after World War 2 the Grand it was understood you have to have the firepower we were the first one to transpose over to an entire semi-automatic army at number seven we're in the land of the Iliad and the

Odyssey where myths come to life the Bronze Age sword ever notice how the blades on all the old sword looks sort of like long leaves from a tree in the Bronze Age they were designed that way on purpose to maximize their strength

early Smith's working in brawn were often thought of almost as magician by creating metal mixing copper and tin to create weapons that were sturdy strong and holden and and because the Bronze Age lasted a whopping 2,600 years they

are among the most impactful weapons in all of human history any for that had broad weapons could absolutely obliterate any opposing army was still working with stone weapons and arrows and those kinds of things

Ron allowed early cultures to create a longer weapon something that gave the armoire reach both of the stabbing tool and the cutting tool the ability to make an alloy that enable the longer edged weapon would rise in in the ancient

world at number six a gun design that changed everything the bolt-action rifle this type of gun seems the world during the height of its use in world war one when nearly every Army in Europe from the Germans to the

English use them to cut each other down rookie soldiers a simple system to expel a spent cartridge and load anyone the bolt-action rifle allowed for the cocking and the charging of a weapon in one single bolt action movement but also

allowed for very robust long-range cartridges now we have weapons that are accurate to six seven hundred yard the top bottom you can't begin to discuss human history without understanding

here we go number five the weapon that first dealt debt from a solid distance away the stone age bow and arrow in some cases a weapon so important it needs to make multiple appearances on the list take the bow and arrow the initial

invention the bow and arrow as a weapon system is so transformative that it deserves a very high place on our list our could finally be projected beyond tonight for spear archaeologists have unearthed arrowhead fragments 64,000

years old its revolutionary impact it's a bull's-eye the bow and arrow is absolutely a world-changing weapon and it lasted from prehistory all the way up until we had gunpowder number-4 spot no other weapons platform and history

screen power like the aircraft carrier these floating cities change the world by allowing for a massive show of strength and attack power far from home base you can't be considered super power

unless you have that ability to send an aircraft carrier include something half a world away soon after the arrival of fixed-wing airplanes war fighters began experimenting with landing them and launching them from boats in World War

two the United States used carriers at the Battle of Midway to effectively end Japan's air war in the Pacific aircraft carrier really is what allowed the United States to dominate the post-world war two periods because using

a powerful navy aircraft carrier allowed us to project power anywhere in the world after world war two carriers got longer stronger welcome both the jet ageand the nuclear world today the USA posts 11 nuclear-powered supercarriers

these monsters are about as long as the Empire skin all you don't realize how powerful and how badass we are as a nation until you see night flight ops on aircraft carrier CNN's f-14 f-18 is taking off you see

that and just give you those things going out there down somebody course the Navy's got the best pilots in the world fire into the number three spot simple to put together and take apart a gun that's so successful more than 75

million have been manufactured ak-47 it's a gun designed by famous russian army officer Lieutenant General Mekhi elk elastic all who designed the AK in 1947 1956 it was the standardization rifle in the Soviet Army it's still

licensed and manufactured in huge numbers today around the world why so many of these ak-47 weapons on earth the genius of this is not in its complexity but rather in its simplicity it's instead it's relatively easy to

manufacture sign and complex firearm but to make it simple with reliability under all conditions that is genius the ak-47 definitely belongs on the list not only has it spread around the world from the most popular assault rifles out

there it's an iconic focus on national flags like most NP it's a symbol of revolution it's easy to manufacture it's almost impossible to jam it's really a great weapon for untrained militia or poorly

trained conscript armies around the world at number two no firearm in the history of the world could operate without gunpowder its fuel for fire look at all the other arms on this list

and gunpowder is the fuel for ninety percent of whether it's a gun itself or whether it's a tank or an aircraft that is during armament it's fueled by that chemical propellant that burns to shoot

that projectile to have the effect gunpowder goes back to ninth century China 400 years later the Chinese were launching arrow tip rockets at their enemies later it became the perfect formula to

ignite bullets but believe it or not this simple world-changing recipe got even better on your left I've got black powder ancient times all the way to eighteen eighty the right water smokeless powder modern in the

sense that we've only had it for about a hundred thirty years Chinese gunpowder burned up fast but in the late eighteen hundreds of new slower burning formula arrived that was three times more powerful

it burns more intensely supports could leave their barrels more quickly head down range more accurately and wouldn't drift off course in the wind it has been the core element of all armament design except for one and that's number one

we're ready to reveal the most important weapon honor the one change the world more than any other what is it here's a hint at one time or another point its business end nearly every human being on earth

topping our countdown done nuclear bomb how did these change the world simple they're the most powerful weapons humankind has ever built and ever known and they've affected the politics of life on Earth to a staggering degree

it's very easy to focus on the horror of the usual atomic weapon in Hiroshima Nagasaki and appropriate but nonetheless it's quite possible that in the course of history it actually saved far more line of

course the lives of the American soldiers who were destined to attack the home islands of Japan but also quite possibly millions of Japanese citizens who would guide as well if the war had extended so are they really the number

one weapon that changed the world I can't think of any good argument for why it shouldn't be number one you don't have movements to outlaw gunpowder you don't have movements to get rid of the ak-47 for a weapon that has only been

used twice it has changed history just by its nature is very system from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the Cold War to the ongoing quest to eat these weapons away from countries like Iran nuclear bonds continue to shape and

change our world is generally agreed that it's important to stop nuclear proliferation that in general the world a safer place to cure countries that have nuclear weapons but our descendants down the road could be in for a surprise

scientists are working on theories to devise an antimatter bomb that could create explosions as big as a nuclear one but without any radiation whatsoeverit might well be possible for someone todevelop an antimatter bomb at some point

I seriously wonder whether it would be worth the effort world has no shortage of athlete devastating destructive power we all know that the real challenge is doing military action in targeted precise ways

that will fewer civilians and combatantsrather than searching for ever greater ability to destroy Grendel sections of terrain population that's it hand grenades two cuties from battering rams to paredes

and from muskets to morton's better or worse the 101 weapons change the world.

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