Do u ever think about the internet ?

what will happen in internet in 1 minute, 60 seconds ?

On an average: 

  1. 2 Million posts,  60 Million likes, 21 Tb data usage in Facebook
  2. 1.4 Million Minutes connecting in skype
  3. 2.7 lakh Tweets in Twitter
  4. $83k sales in Amazon
  5. 11k professional searches in LinkedIn
  6. 11k active users in Pinterest
  7. 3.6k photo uploaded every second in Instagram
  8. 204 Million Email sent
  9. 20k photos in Tumblr
  10. 17k Transactions in Walmart
  11. 347 New posts in WordPress Blogs
  12. 15k Tracks downloaded from Itunes
  13. 2 Million search from google
  14. 72 hours of Video uploaded in YouTube
  15. 20 Million photo views in Flickr
  16. 70 New registered domains 
  17. 571 New Websites Created

And still you are thinking why should you start a blog ?
Let me tell you

1. You can learn new things from blogging
Blogging is sharing your knowledge to the world and the same way learning new things from other blogger. It's all about learning, writing and sharing. You learn how to write, how to share things which you have written in blog to social networking sites. When you came to certain position after starting blog you will find always you are learning new things on your area of interest.

2. Blogging Builds Confidence 
Written Things is not that easy, each and every place you are going to face challenges. When you overcome your challenge you can feel much confidence than before. With blogging you can show what is right what is not which builds your strength and you can able to work on mistakes which you have done in past.

3. Blogging is Free
Everyone can get a blog easily, nowadays websites like godaddy is offering domains for 1.9$ for 1 year and you can link that with a blogger account. Don't worry, I will teach How to link Godaddy domain with a blogger account. After your blog success you can even buy hosting for your blog which is also less cost.

4.Build your audience
Who don't have a dream to get an audience like film actors ?
Yes you can build your fan following in social networking sites. Blogging allow your brand to reach billions of people in the world.

Blogging doesn't have time schedule to work. You can work at any time from any place. Only the things required are PC or Laptop and a good internet connection and that's it you can rock !

6. You can improve your Network
By blogging you can reach your friends and their friends and you can improve your network as much as possible because, one day u might get millions of readers for your blog.

7.Live Forever
Whatever happens to you, but nothing happens to internet and nothing happens to your website you can live longer in internet life. One day everyone should face death, even after our death our words won't die!

8.Better Writing skills
Through Blogging you can improve a lot in writing. One of my friend won a writing competition and he is blogger as well. Coming to me, i got good score in writing section in IELTS (Exam to pursue Abroad Studies). And you can publish some Journals on your core subjects in international journal websites. 

9.Meet new people
You can meet new people through comment section and some from direct contact form. Really i love to meet new people. So I like this advantage from blogging.

10.Inspire People
Assume that you have reached to a top position and you have almost 1 Million active visitors to your site. Think about your position, some people might take you as inspiration. Even I started blogging by watching one of the famous blogger. 

First start as a part time blogger, know everything about blogging and change to full time blogger. You don't have any boss on your head and you can work at your interest. I saw some of blogger left job to be as a full time blogger. Because they earned more money from blogging than job.

12. You can earn Money
Last but not least yes you can earn money form blogging. But you should have a passion to be a blogger. And don't go down if someone criticize you. Because they might don't know about blogging, for those kind of people just show your earnings. You can earn as much as possible but hard work is directly proportional to earnings. I saw bloggers who earns more than 10 lakhs per month.

If u need help you can check "Thinks you need to know before blogging" and "How to start blogging".

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