As all we know that the most leading social network site is Facebook, of all the social networking sites fb has succeeded and started growing their market.

And here is a trick for "SINGLE NAME" in this popular site   

  • Firstly we need to change the proxy of browser and should set to Indonesian proxy , because in Indonesia some will use single name.
  • I would Prefer to go to Proxynova.com and any other sites if u know.
  • If u known about how to set proxy go directly to that site , Otherwise follow this steps

How to set Proxy 

Their are many browser ,but i tested in Firefox and it worked
Open your 

Mozilla Firefox > 
Tools > 
options > 
Advanced tab > 
Network >  
Click on Settings in Connection Row > 
Then new windows will open ,choose manual proxy > 
add Indonesian proxy as "" in place HTTP proxy  and add port as "8080"  
make sure u select "Use this proxy server for all protocols"
> ok

^The proxy which i provided doesn't work ?
Don't worry their are plenty of proxies in the proxynova ! 

If u find this method critical then download any proxy software and set it to Indonesia ,and i proxy site which i know click here  most of these software won't work every time. 


 Open Facebook >
 go to Settings >
General Account Settings> 
change your language to Bahasa Indonesia  

Click on last name > 
remove your last name >
enter your password to confirm >
 Done (y) 
change your language back and remove proxy.

NOTE: Their is common rule that you can change your name once for every two months.So if u change your name ,u can only change your name after 2 months.

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