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Today am going to show u, how to play android games on pc (personal computer).

What is android ?

Android is an OS and is developed by google and it is  basically used for smartphones. However, it was used for smart watches and smart TV and its kernel is based on Linux. The primary use of android is for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and nowadays there are many devices like tablet, TV (smart TV), cars (android auto), google glasses and watches with special user interference. The android OS uses tapping, swiping, pinching to control object on screen in a game. And it is also used for gaming consoles, smart camera, PC and many other Electronic Devices.

What is Bluestacks ?

Bluestacks and Gamepop both are the softwares to run Android apps on windows PC which was developed by Mobile Company and both are related to US based company products  Rosen Sharma founded this company in 2009 and also works with McAfee as CTO and board member in a website. Samsung, Redpoint, Qualcomm, Intel, Radar, Citrix and other investors of cloud.com Sharma's BlueStacks is the 8th company of his all companies. 

Latest version of Bluestack Android Emulator:

Preview release                       :     / Feb 9,2015 
Development status                 :              Active
Operating System                    :              Windows XP or later; Mac OS X Snow 
                                                              Leopard or later
Platform                                  :               x86
Size                                        :              196 MB
Available in                             :             16 languages
Type                                       :             Virtual machine, Android Emulator
License                                   :              Trialware

The question is, why we should use BlueStacks on PC or MAC? There are several benefits of using it. There are some games that require higher processing speed then you’re Smartphone. So the problem is solved, no matter what is the requirement of any app, you can run in BlueStacks without any hesitation.

By downloading  bluestacks app player to your pc you can run each and every app in that app player

Download Link :  Official Link

So if you are interested, follow the guide above on how to use  BlueStacks and if you have any question related to this guide, feel free to ask us in the comment below. :)

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