Need For Speed (NFS)

Most Wanted is a racing game with awesome graphics by EA. NFSMW is the 9th game in the NFS series. The game totally deals with street racing, with some options different from the NFS Under Ground. The First Game succeeded is NFS Carbon and it leads to NFS MW series.

NFS MW has been released for various platforms like PS2, PC, Xbox, Nintendo and later released for Xbox 360 and it is the first NFS game for this console, and within no loss of time the game has been released for the PS Portable. The game was announced for PS 2 on May/2012 and PS 3 on 1/6/2012 by Criterion Games, which was a British gaming development team.


  • Circuit: In General we need to race against 6 racers. However the number of racers will negotiate according to the rival.
  • Sprint: In fact the head and tail of this racetrack is different and we need race according to the rules. 
  • Lap knockout: It may be either circuit are sprint, but there is a rule of elimination for every last racer.
  • Drag: Here we need to manage gears. Really I don't like this level, however, we need to finish it to move further.
  • Tollbooth: Its a single racer type and we need to reach a Tollbooth on time.
  • Speed track: Here the camera's are arranged in a various positions to capture our speed, any racer can easily win this level just by using Nitro before 100 mts to the camera. Overall speed is calculated in order to find winner to present the trophies.
If would recommend to watch this gameplays before you buy the game 
NFSMW : Blacklist Member 1 [The End]

Part  : 1  Click Here
Part  : 2  Click Here

You Can Buy game here : Official Website

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