VMware Player is a free software and used to handle many OS at a time, which is  developed by VMware, Inc. and the software depend on virtualization. EMC Corporations are the major  shareholders. This Player can create its own virtual machine and it can able to run with virtual appliances (Basically, it requires a preinstalled OS to be functional). It uses the same virtualization core as VMware Workstation  a similar program with more features, but not free of charge. VMware Player is available for personal, non-commercial use, or for distribution or other use by written agreement. VMware, Inc. does not formally support Player, but there is an active community website for discussing and resolving issues, and acknowledge base.

i myself tried Host as Win 8.1
Guest 1  : Win 7
Guest  2 : Win Xp

How to install ?

Install the software -> Click on create Virtual Machine -> insert the disc of any OS you wish -> and click on install 
Do u wanna see a video ? Click Here
Latest Version : 7.0

Release date:   1 December 2014:

  • Supports for almost all windows OS
  • It requries 2-3 gb of hard disk space
  • It change be transferable from one system to other 

Website :  Official Link

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