*** Only For Root user***

Don't know what is root ?

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Now a days every one had a smart phone in their hands and playing lots of games. But only the thing is we have to play hard to unlock special character , weapons , special power.

So by using this tool we can generate coins and gold in games and enjoy the gaming life. 

GameCIH is an app similar to the cheat engine which is used in PC. And it is available in a new and latest version with more options to control the game. As the life goes on, the android and its apps became much popular due to the more users. Recently, developers have  launched a latest version to fix many bugs and app crash. You will not get GameCIH from google play store, don't worry still we can download apk version from their official site.

For the Pc there are many game editors then what about Android? Here we got one!
And this is only for root users because, without root you can't get the permission to edit games. But with root we can edit whatever we want. This application will scan memory and it can able to edit the previously stored value with our required value. 

Features of Game Cih :

  • Memory Editor
  • Game Speed Changer
  • Only work in some devices
  • Game cih could change game speed
  • You will become TOP 1 in any games!
  • You could modify the game state ( score , money, HP,...) to allow for infinite lives etc.
Buy app here (free trial also available) : OFFicial Link
*Do at your risk*

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